Classic cocktail recipe: Negroni

February 13, 2020

How to make a negroni

Who doesn't love a cocktail to keep that weekend feeling going? We're here to help  with an excerpt from one of our new favourite books in store, "Gin Made Me Do It" by Jassy Davis.

In her book, Davis sings the praises of this versatile spirit, explores it's "short and scandalous" history and takes us on an adventure in mixology with a host of recipes to try.

Gin made me do it book by Jassy Davis

Join the Tara Dennis team as we jump on board and cruise into cocktail hour with an excerpt from the book - a delicious and simple to make classic, the Negroni.

“It’s one of the few drinks that really will perk up your taste buds and get your stomach revved up, ready for dinner.” Jassy Davis, Gin Made Me Do It

Negroni recipe from Gin Made Me Do It


22ml sweet vermouth

22ml Campari

22ml London dry gin

an orange slice, to garnish


Fill an old fashioned glass with ice and pour in the vermouth, then the Campari and then the gin. Briefly stir, then tuck in a slice of orange and serve.


If gin's not your thing, Davis has also written "Whisky Made Me Do It" and "Prosecco Made Me Do It", both available in store and online. 

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