How to paint kitchen cupboards

January 16, 2020

How to paint kitchen cupboards

Renovating a kitchen can be an expensive undertaking and a brand new kitchen is not always within reach.

You may be renting your home, or have just moved in and are planning for a larger renovation. Or perhaps you’re happy with your kitchen layout and functionality, but are looking to update the colour and mood of this vital space?

Instead of ripping out old kitchen cupboards or floors, consider simply updating them with a fresh coat of paint! We chat to founder of Jolie Paint, Lisa Rickert to learn how it’s done.

“It’s an easy and affordable alternative that will make your kitchen feel brand new.” Lisa Rickert Founder, Jolie Paint

If you’re a beginner to the process, start with a small project to allow yourself to get comfortable with the process. “You’ll quickly gain the confidence to begin creating beautiful transformations in your home,” says Lisa.

How to paint kitchen cupboards

Even a novice can tackle a set of kitchen cupboards. To help get you started however, we hold regular workshops at Tara Dennis store with an introduction to using Jolie Paint. Here, you’ll learn the basics and receive expert guidance and hands-on practice with the brushes, paints and finishes in the range. Visit our website for dates and more information.

Jolie Paint colour inspiration

What's the best paint for kitchen cupboards?

You’ll need a hardwearing finish to stand up to the rigours of a busy kitchen while looking fabulous. “I like to do a smooth finish for a more modern look,” Lisa suggests.

What trends are you seeing in kitchen cabinet colours for 2020?

“A few years ago we saw a surge in all-white kitchens,” says Lisa. “Now, like with most design trends, the pendulum has swung in the other direction. We are seeing warm neutrals like Swedish Grey used more frequently as well as darker, moody hues like Noir, Classic Navy and Legacy.”  

Jolie Paint  Classic Navy Noir Legacy

Jolie Paint (left to right) Noir, Classic Navy, Legacy

Lisa’s top 3 tips for choosing kitchen paint colours
1. Choose colours that complement the hard surfaces in your kitchen

    Floors and countertops are harder to change than cabinets and walls, so start with these existing colours and build off of them.

    2. Consider your lighting

      Light plays a huge role in how colour will appear in your space – do a few test spots first and make sure you like the colour before painting the entire kitchen. 

      3. Create contrast

        If you have a lot of white in your kitchen, try incorporating some mid to dark-toned neutrals to keep things interesting.

        Curio drawer pull Society Inc

        How to protect kitchen cupboards from wear and tear

        Without the application of a protective finish, signs of heavy daily traffic in a kitchen can show in next to no time. “For kitchen cabinetry we recommend applying two coats of Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear — this is our most popular topcoat, which is easy to apply and maintain over time,” says Lisa.

        Jolie paint finishing wax clear

        “Simply apply more wax whenever you need to refresh your finish or remove marks and stains from your cabinets.” 

        Once you’re ready to take it to the next level, experiment with different finishes, embellishment products, and colour mixing.  

        Why not update the handles and drawer pulls to complete the new look? Browse our hardware online now and choose from brass, metal, raffia and rope-wrapped and bone handles. 

        Trader rattan drawer pull

        (left to right) Trader drawer pull, $25 | Periwinkle drawer knob, $18 | Curio drawer pull brass, $20

        Pop in to either our Wahroonga or Balmain stores with any questions on painting your cabinet or to view the whole Jolie Paint range. We also encourage you to visit to take advantage of all the guides and tutorial content available – it’s an amazing resource! Follow the steps in the Jolie Paint Everyday Guide and watch video tutorials on painting cabinets. 


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