How to upcycle furniture

October 01, 2019

How to upcycle furniture with paint

At Tara Dennis store we believe life should be beautiful and when looking to refresh your decor at home it can be as simple as a furniture makeover to effect a whole new look.

If you've ever wanted to tackle an old piece with a fresh new look and find yourself asking “Who can upcycle my furniture?” The answer is YOU!

"Paint up some old furniture or add some natural accessories and I guarantee you will feel a whole lot better for your efforts." Tara Dennis

Perhaps it’s a dated dining table, a scruffy sideboard or a boring bedhead that still has good bones but doesn’t match anything else in the room. We'll show you how to paint furniture white, black or any colour you desire!

What kind of materials can you paint?

With a little help from the team at Tara Dennis store you can get creative and save on your decorating budget with the simple process of applying a matte chalk effect painted finish to almost any surface, including:

  • Wood (*teak and eucalyptus not recommended)
  • Previously painted and waxed surfaces
  • Metal (*powder coated not recommended)
  • Matte plastics
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Stone

The little desk your children have grown out of but holds fond memories, or the sleigh bed in the spare room crying out for a makeover, can be made beautiful, modern and personal with the fabulous and simple-to-use Jolie Paint.

“Jolie helps you personalise your home and create something beautiful, whether that means cohesive and balanced interiors or elevating your style.” Lisa Rickert Founder/CEO, Jolie Home

How to upcycle furniture with Jolie Paint

Let the furniture and décor at Tara Dennis Store inspire you. Save money, stop landfill and channel Tara’s interior decorating style by upcycling your own tired antique or well-worn IKEA or pine furniture with a beautiful matte chalk effect painted finish. Once you take the plunge and decide to paint it, you wont look back.

How to upcycle furniture with paint

“After you try the basic finish, you will want to paint this way all the time. It breaks all the rules of traditional painting.” Lisa Rickert, Founder/CEO, Jolie Home

How to upcycle furniture with paint

We have everything you need in store to get started including paints, brushes and finishes. Not only is it cheaper than buying new furniture, the best part is that in most cases little to no preparation is needed and the quick-drying paint process means you can start and finish a project before you get bored with it! As Jolie Paint is water based and non toxic you can literally throw a drop sheet on the kitchen floor and get started.

How to restore furniture using chalk effect paint

When deciding if it’s a good candidate for a paint makeover, take a closer look at your furniture and ask the following questions:

  • does it have good, sound structure?
  • do I often visualise a new look for it?
  • can I use it somewhere else in the house?
  • will a new paint colour bring it up to date? 

We’re here to help

Don’t know where to start?

If you’re stuck choosing which paint to upcycle furniture with for best results, stop in to learn about a fresh approach to painting. Tara Dennis Store holds beginners’ workshops at both our Balmain and Wahroonga stores to get you started and once you’ve completed a few projects, take things a little further with our Advanced Finishes class using Jolie Paint.

Tara and our friendly team will guide you through the makeover journey. Bring photos of the next project you want to tackle and we’ll be happy to discuss the process to upcycle furniture with paint on the spot!

To book in for yourself, as a gift, or bring a friend find out more about our workshops here. 

Images courtesy of Jolie Paint.

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