Our Favourite Winter Tea Recipe

May 03, 2020

Our Favourite Winter Tea Recipe

As the weather cools, there is truly nothing better than a pot of tea to warm you. While we're fans of a good old fashioned English Breakfast, this tea made from fresh immune-boosting ingredients is the perfect pick me up at any time of day! To make this tea, you will need a teapot, boiling water and...
A small handful of mint leaves
1/4 lemon 
Fresh ginger 
Honey to taste


Set your kettle to boil; and while you wait, slice your lemon thinly into half-moon slices. Do the same with your ginger.

Add both of these to your pot, along with a small handful of fresh mint leaves.



Add boiling water (around 500ml) to your teapot and let it sit for around three minutes to allow the ingredients time to infuse. Add honey to taste, and enjoy! 



Tip: for a fresher tea, add a little more ginger and mint. For something comforting and warm, add a little more honey to the mix! 

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