Three Reasons Why We Love Linen

November 14, 2019

Three Reasons Why We Love Linen

Linen has been in use for thousands of years as material for clothing and home textiles, and is still recognised today for its superior strength, comfort and drape. While we often default to cotton or man-made fibres when buying bedding, napery and tea towels, linen is now often recommended as a longer-lasting alternative. So what makes it so good?

1. Ideal for Allergy Sufferers 

Linen Bedding
We spend over a quarter of our lives in bed, which is a long time to be exposed to any pesticides or harsh chemicals which may be left over from the manufacturing process of some fibres. Linen fibres have the natural ability to repel microorganisms, and are very rarely treated with pesticides during growth, making the end product ideal for allergy sufferers and soothing for those with skin conditions.

Cultiver linen at Tara Dennis Store
Bedding in store: Our stores are always fully stocked with Cultiver 100% linen sheet and duvet sets, standard and European pillowcases, as well as stunning Italian velvet/European linen and accent cushions from Designer's Guild. Take a look online and choose to pickup in store or Australia-wide shipping

2. Strong & Long-Lasting 

Linen Napkins
If you’re going to spend a bit on something new, you want to be assured that you’re getting something that will last the test of time. Linen is known as one of the world’s strongest natural materials, with its long natural fibres giving it unmatched longevity. This strength makes it ideal for use in upholstery and for high-use items like napery, tea towels and sheets.

Tip: Pre-wash tea towels and napery before use to give them that classic time-worn feel.

Cultiver linen napkins at Tara Dennis Store
Shop our selection of napery and tea towels online.

3. Comfort in Every Season

Linen Apron
Linen is made up of long hollow fibres, which have the incredible ability to hold large volumes of moisture before starting to feel damp. This means that anything made from linen will be comfortable to sleep in and to wear all year round, wicking moisture away from your skin. The hollow fibres also allow air to move freely, and are natural insulators which will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

100% linen aprons in our flower arranging workshop at Tara Dennis Store
Shop the Look: If you’ve visited our Wahroonga and Balmain stores, you might have noticed that we all wear a lovely linen apron to protect our clothes. Comfortable in summer and in winter, they’re the perfect accessory for when you’re busy. Find our full range online

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