Made in Country NSW, Tumut Millet Brooms are well-known for their quality. Each one is hand-crafted in the original broom factory, using the same techniques used since 1946. 

We have been proud stockists of these lovely brooms since Tara visited the factory in 2013. You can watch the original story online - click here.

Geoff and Rob - expert broom makers - have devoted their lives to honing their craft. Now they are taking the time to pass it on to the next generation, hopefully ensuring that we will be able to stock these beautiful brooms for many years to come! 

Which broom is right for you? 

Each broom is designed with a specific use in mind, so use our guide below to find out which broom (or brooms!) will be perfect for you at home.

Woolshed Broom 

Always the most popular of the collection, the Woolshed broom features a strong cane centre, making it ideal for sweeping outdoor areas and concrete surfaces. The added cane centre in this broom makes it incredibly sturdy - it will even stand up on its own! The heaviest in weight of the range, this broom features 7 ties to bring the millet bristles together. 

6-tie Broom 

Similar in size, but lighter weight than the Woolshed broom, the 6-tie broom is ideal for sweeping indoors. Made without the cane bristles in the centre, this broom is ideal for softer flooring. 

Caravan Broom 

Smaller again than the 6-tie and Woolshed, this handy little caravan broom is made for sweeping small areas (like a caravan or tent). Its petite size, light weight, and long handle also make it handy for getting into those hard to reach corners, and high cobwebs. Also an ideal size for children if you want to get the little ones involved! 

Outdoor Furniture Broom (aka Whisk Broom) 

Made for nooks and crannies, this little hand-held broom features a small handle for ease of use. Use this to sweep down outdoor furniture, in place of a brush with your dust pan; or even to beat the dust out of soft furnishings and rugs!

Care Tips

Designed to be used everyday, your Tumut broom can last up to 30 years, if you care for it correctly! 

As they’re made from natural materials, they will naturally wear down over time. The trick is to rotate the broom during use to encourage even wear. 

To ensure its longevity, make sure you store it inside away from rain and heavy moisture, to prevent mould and mildew.  

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