Taronga Pink Mat 68x101cm

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Vintage-style vinyl mats are perfect for adding colour and interest to spaces. 
Perfect for inside the front door or hallway, at the kitchen or laundry sink; or even on a table top! 

These mats are durable in high traffic areas. However, care should be taken when placing heavy furniture items on top of them. Use protective felt pads on the base of chairs and tables where possible, and avoid walking across the mat in high heels or soccer boots.

Care Information 
When you get your mat home ensure that the floor or surface where your mat will be placed is free of dirt and grit. 
Wipe the floor surface over with a damp cloth, ensuring that any residue from cleaning products is removed, before placing your mat down. 
To clean your mat, simply wipe with a soft, damp cloth. 
Take care to avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives that may affect the print on the vinyl. 
Do not vacuum. 
To ensure that colours stay as vibrant as the day you bought your mat, take care to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Not suitable for use outdoors or wet areas like bathrooms and pools.