Balloton Tumbler Sea Green


Murano glass is recognised as one of the most coveted symbols of style and status across Europe. Today there are far less of the skilled Murano glass artisans however the remaining glassblowers are revolutionising the industry and keeping the islands artisanal traditions alive. 

Zafferano glassware is a house hold name in Italy. Their beautiful glassware can be found in some of the world’s best restaurants. Federico de Majo, designer and owner of Zafferano now works with teams of skilled artisans all over Europe and Asia to create their beautiful pieces.

These glasses have been handmade using a Venetian technique of working glass by blowing the incandescent paste into a diamond-shaped mould, the glass takes on the classic facets known as "balloton". 

Height 10cm
Top width 8cm 
Base width 6cm 

Material Glass 

Colour Sea Green

Care Information Dishwasher safe