Christmas Wreath Preserved Boxwood

These beautiful Preserved Boxwood Wreaths can last over 12 months. Available in large or small.

Large 35cm
Small 20cm

These preserved Boxwood Wreaths are made of real foliage. They are preserved and then assembled by hand. The preservation process involves using a green vegetable dye and a chemical process on the leaves. This allows the wreaths to last over 12 months. These wreaths are designed for indoor use but can be used outdoor with care.

Care Information
Due to living in Australia these wreaths may need watering every few weeks. Use a spray bottle or light hose. Lay the wreath on the grass and sprinkle lightly. Once dried put back. If you have any decorations attached to your wreath, remove these before watering. Excessive watering, humidity & moisture will cause mould & mildew.
The dye may run but should wash off.
Avoid direct sunlight, rain and wind.

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