Fiddle Vintage Satin Boullion/Soup Spoon

This beautiful vintage style cutlery was first seen in England around the 1760s. 

Size 19 cm

Material Premium 18-0 quality stainless steel

Care Information Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher Advice 
When using a dishwasher to clean your cutlery it is recommend using vertical dishwasher baskets and avoid overcrowding, to reduce scratching. 
Once the wash cycle has finished take a few moments to remove your cutlery and to restore its natural finish by polishing with a dry soft cloth. This is more important with knives as they are made from different steel and are more prone to corrosion if left in the moist atmosphere of the drying cycle on a regular basis.

Hand Washing Advice
Hand washing cutlery is always the most gentle and kindest way to wash cutlery. 
Leaving the cutlery to soak first and then air drying is not recommended. 
Please wash and dry the cutlery as soon as possible and not letting them drain and dry on its own afterwards as this may leave watermarks.