Flotilla Rack


The possibilities are limitless with this classic blackened steel rack. Have a fleet of them around the house in just about every room; hanging pots & pans in the kitchen, drawer pull for those extra-long drawers in the office, display with coat hangers in the bedroom. An all-round storage solution, and hand tinkered to boot.

Also a versatile option for hospitality projects. What better way to display your menus? Just pair with a bunch of s-hooks and clipboards.

Size 5.5cm foot height x 51cm length x 5cm depth. Rod diameter is 1cm. Screw point width: 48.5cm. Due to the hand-beaten nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly.

Finish blackened steel

Use for utensil rack, oversize drawer pull, kitchen hardware, tie rack

Recommended for indoor use only.

Installation notes
Comes with screws. Screws are NOT hardened self-tappers, it’s recommended to pre-drill a pilot hole. Due to the handmade nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly and it’s recommended to measure each fitting individually before fixing.

Care Information
Will age over time. We recommend prolonging the life of the product with Penetrol.
Do not leave wet towels & clothes hanging over rack for long periods of time.

Designed in Australia, made in India