Hand loomed linen throw 130x190cm


Hand Loom 100% Linen throw 

Richly textured linen thro or throw made from 100% pure linen woven in a thick weave. The colour of this piece is natural and undyed.

Very soft, yet visually rustic, this beautiful linen will be a great addition to your home.

This tablecloth has been hand loomed in a process that has been handed down from generation to generation. The piece will have beautiful irregularities in it's colour and texture that help to give the piece its rustic feel. 

Linen items are a great choice not only for their decorative qualities, but also because they are anti-allergenic, durable and highly breathable. Perfect for use in any season.

These tablecloths have a low carbon footprint as they are produced in small quantities by artisans rather than being mass produced in a factory. 

Size approx. 130cm x 190cm + 5 cm fringe 

Material 100% Linen

Care Information 
Machine washable in gentle wash cycle. Lukewarm water is best. Straighten and hang to dry. The fabric will become softer with every wash.