Wooden Sheep


These timeless and collectable animals have been created with care from their ears to the tips of their tails. Carved entirely by hand by a team of artisans in Indonesia and meticulously hand finished in Japan.

Each piece is unique. 

To achieve the smooth finish, each animal is hand polished, no varnish is used. 
The wood used is non-composite from one of the fastest growing and sustainable tropical trees known as Albizia. New forests are planted to repay the earth for it’s bounty.

We highly suggest supervised play if your child is under five years old, the wood is soft and easily chewed. While this will unlikely harm your child, it will harm the animal!

Grown ups also enjoy these animals. Comforting and smooth in the hand, and also great as accents on a shelf or desk.

Approx Size 7cm W x 3cm D x 5.4cm H

Material Albizia wood

Age recommendation 5 years +