Y3 Jaffa Floor Mat


Our vinyl floor mats are a beautiful stylish addition to your home. Super practical as well as functional. Can serve as a kitchen mat, a bathroom rug or an area mat. They stay completely flat, do not move or wrinkle. Waterproof, easily washable and you can move them from place to place as you please.

Wash the mat with soap and water on both sides and leave to dry.
Do not use acid or chlorine.

Special care
Do not drag heavy furniture across the mat.
Do not fold the mat.
Leave it flat or roll it into a roll.
For indoor use only. Can be used in shaded patio or balcony.
Colors may fade in direct sunlight.
Take care in wet environments as these mats do not have an anti slip surface.
Indoor Use Only

Sizes Available 
60 x 80cm, 70 x 120cm or 80 x 200cm